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  • American Government and Civic Engagement


  • American Government and Civic Engagement - Final Assessment

    This is the final assessment for American Government and Civic Engagement. (Available when you subscribe.)

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      • The Constitution and Its Origins

        2.1 The Pre-Revolutionary Period and the Roots of the American Political Tradition
        2.2 The Articles of Confederation
        2.3 The Development of the Constitution
        2.4 The Ratification of the Constitution
        2.5 Constitutional Change
        Final Assessment

        • American Federalism

          3.1 The Division of Powers
          3.2 The Evolution of American Federalism
          3.3 Intergovernmental Relationships
          3.4 Competitive Federalism Today
          3.5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism
          Final Assessment

          • Civil Liberties


            4.1 What Are Civil Liberties?
            4.2 Securing Basic Freedoms
            4.3 The Rights of Suspects
            4.4 Interpreting the Bill of Rights
            Final Assessment

            • Civil Rights

              5.1 What Are Civil Rights and How Do We Identify Them?
              5.2 The African American Struggle for Equality
              5.3 The Fight for Women’s Rights
              5.4 Civil Rights for Indigenous Groups: Native Americans, Alaskans, and Hawaiians
              5.5 Equal Protection for Other Groups
              Final Assessment

              • The Politics of Public Opinion

                6.1 The Nature of Public Opinion
                6.2 How Is Public Opinion Measured?
                6.3 What Does the Public Think?
                6.4 The Effects of Public Opinion
                Final Assessment

                • Voting and Elections

                  7.1 Voter Registration
                  7.2 Voter Turnout
                  7.3 Elections
                  7.4 Campaigns and Voting
                  7.5 Direct Democracy
                  Final Assessment

                  • The Media


                    8.1 What Is the Media?
                    8.2 The Evolution of the Media
                    8.3 Regulating the Media
                    8.4 The Impact of the Media
                    Final Assessment

                    • Political Parties

                      9.1 What Are Parties and How Did They Form?
                      9.2 The Two-Party System
                      9.3 The Shape of Modern Political Parties
                      9.4 Divided Government and Partisan Polarization
                      Final Assessment

                      • Interest Groups and Lobbying

                        10.1 Interest Groups Defined
                        10.2 Collective Action and Interest Group Formation
                        10.3 Interest Groups as Political Participation
                        10.4 Pathways of Interest Group Influence
                        10.5 Free Speech and the Regulation of Interest Groups
                        Final Assessment

                        • Congress


                          11.1 The Institutional Design of Congress
                          11.2 Congressional Elections
                          11.3 Congressional Representation
                          11.4 House and Senate Organizations
                          11.5 The Legislative Process
                          Final Assessment

                          • The Presidency

                            12.1 The Design and Evolution of the Presidency
                            12.2 The Presidential Election Process
                            12.3 Organizing to Govern
                            12.4 The Public Presidency
                            12.5 Presidential Governance: Direct Presidential Action
                            Final Assessment

                            • The Courts

                              13.1 Guardians of the Constitution and Individual Rights
                              13.2 The Dual Court System
                              13.3 The Federal Court System
                              13.4 The Supreme Court
                              13.5 Judicial Decision-Making and Implementation by the Supreme Court
                              Final Assessment

                              • State and Local Government

                                14.1 State Power and Delegation
                                14.2 State Political Culture
                                14.3 Governors and State Legislatures
                                14.4 State Legislative Term Limits
                                14.5 County and City Government
                                Final Assessment

                                • The Bureaucracy

                                  UNIT 5: THE OUTPUTS OF GOVERNMENT

                                  15.1 Bureaucracy and the Evolution of Public Administration
                                  15.2 Toward a Merit-Based Civil Service
                                  15.3 Understanding Bureaucracies and their Types
                                  15.4 Controlling the Bureaucracy
                                  Final Assessment

                                  • Domestic Policy

                                    16.1 What Is Public Policy?
                                    16.2 Categorizing Public Policy
                                    16.3 Policy Arenas
                                    16.4 Policymakers
                                    16.5 Budgeting and Tax Policy
                                    Final Assessment

                                    • Foreign Policy

                                      17.1 Defining Foreign Policy
                                      17.2 Foreign Policy Instruments
                                      17.3 Institutional Relations in Foreign Policy
                                      17.4 Approaches to Foreign Policy
                                      Final Assessment

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