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  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Introduction to Psychology - Final Assessment

    This is the final assessment for Introduction to Psychology. (Available when you subscribe.)

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      • Psychological Research

        2.1 Why Is Research Important?
        2.2 Approaches to Research
        2.3 Analyzing Findings
        2.4 Ethics
        Final Assessment

        • Biopsychology

          3.1. Human Genetics
          3.2. Cells of the Nervous System
          3.3. Parts of the Nervous System
          3.4. The Brain and Spinal Cord
          3.5. The Endocrine System

          Final Assessment

          • States of Consciousness

            4.1. What Is Consciousness?
            4.2. Sleep and Why We Sleep
            4.3. Stages of Sleep
            4.4. Sleep Problems and Disorders
            4.5. Substance Use and Abuse
            4.6. Other States of Consciousness
            Final Assessment

            • Sensation and Perception

              5.1. Sensation versus Perception
              5.2. Waves and Wavelengths
              5.3. Vision
              5.4. Hearing
              5.5. The Other Senses
              5.6. Gestalt Principles of Perception
              Final Assessment

              • Learning

                6.1. What Is Learning?
                6.2. Classical Conditioning
                6.3. Operant Conditioning
                6.4. Observational Learning (Modeling)
                Final Assessment

                • Thinking and Intelligence

                  7.1. What Is Cognition?
                  7.2. Language
                  7.3. Problem Solving
                  7.4. What Are Intelligence and Creativity?
                  7.5. Measures of Intelligence
                  7.6. The Source of Intelligence

                  Final Assessment

                  • Memory

                    8.1. How Memory Functions
                    8.2. Parts of the Brain Involved with Memory
                    8.3. Problems with Memory
                    8.4. Ways to Enhance Memory

                    Final Assessment

                    • Lifespan Development

                      9.1. What Is Lifespan Development?
                      9.2. Lifespan Theories
                      9.3. Stages of Development
                      9.4. Death and Dying

                      Final Assessment

                      • Emotion and Motivation

                        10.1. Motivation
                        10.2. Hunger and Eating
                        10.3. Sexual Behavior
                        10.4. Emotion

                        Final Assessment

                        • Personality

                          11.1. What Is Personality?
                          11.2. Freud and the Psychodynamic Perspective
                          11.3. Neo-Freudians: Adler, Erikson, Jung, and Horney
                          11.4. Learning Approaches
                          11.5. Humanistic Approaches
                          11.6. Biological Approaches
                          11.7. Trait Theorists
                          11.8. Cultural Understandings of Personality
                          11.9. Personality Assessment
                          Final Assessment

                          • Social Psychology

                            12.1. What Is Social Psychology?
                            12.2. Self-presentation
                            12.3. Attitudes and Persuasion
                            12.4. Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience
                            12.5. Prejudice and Discrimination
                            12.6. Aggression
                            12.7. Prosocial Behavior

                            Final Assessment

                            • Industrial-Organizational Psychology

                              13.1. What Is Industrial and Organizational Psychology?
                              13.2. Industrial Psychology: Selecting and Evaluating Employees
                              13.3. Organizational Psychology: The Social Dimension of Work
                              13.4. Human Factors Psychology and Workplace Design

                              Final Assessment

                              • Stress, Lifestyle, and Health

                                14.1. What Is Stress?
                                14.2. Stressors
                                14.3. Stress and Illness
                                14.4. Regulation of Stress
                                14.5. The Pursuit of Happiness
                                Final Assessment

                                • Psychological Disorders

                                  15.1. What Are Psychological Disorders?
                                  15.2. Diagnosing and Classifying Psychological Disorders
                                  15.3. Perspectives on Psychological Disorders
                                  15.4. Anxiety Disorders
                                  15.5. Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders
                                  15.6. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
                                  15.7. Mood Disorders
                                  15.8. Schizophrenia
                                  15.9. Dissociative Disorders
                                  15.10. Personality Disorders
                                  15.11. Disorders in Childhood
                                  Final Assessment

                                  • Therapy and Treatment

                                    16.1. Mental Health Treatment: Past and Present
                                    16.2. Types of Treatment
                                    16.3. Treatment Modalities
                                    16.4. Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders: A Special Case
                                    16.5. The Sociocultural Model and Therapy Utilization
                                    Final Assessment

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