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  • American Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal System

  • American Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal System - Final Assessment

    This is the final assessment for 
    American Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal System. (Available when you subscribe.)

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      • Disputes and Dispute Settlement

        2.1. Negotiation
        2.2. Meditation
        2.3. Arbitration

        Final Assessment

        • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

          3.1. Business Ethics
          3.2. Social Responsibility

          Final Assessment

          • Business and the United States Constitution

            4.1. Commerce Clause
            4.2. Constitutional Protections

            Final Assessment

            • Criminal Liability

              5.1. Common Business Crimes
              5.2. Civil vs Criminal Liability

              Final Assessment

              • The Tort System

                6.1. Intentional Torts and Negligence
                6.2. Product and Strict Liability

                Final Assessment

                • Contract Law

                  7.1. Agreement, Consideration, and Promissory Estoppel
                  7.2. Capacity and Legality
                  7.3. Breach of Contract and Remedies

                  Final Assessment

                  • Sales Contracts

                    8.1. The Nature and Origins of Sales Contracts
                    8.2. Warranties and Sales Contracts

                    Final Assessment

                    • Employment and Labor Law

                      9.1. Employment, Worker Protections, and Immigration Law
                      9.2. Labor Law
                      9.3. Equal Opportunity in Employment

                      Final Assessment

                      • Government Regulation

                        10.1. Administrative Law
                        10.2. Regulatory Agencies

                        Final Assessment

                        • Antitrust Law

                          11.1. History of Antitrust Law
                          11.2. Antitrust Laws

                          Final Assessment

                          • Unfair Trade Practices and the Federal Trade Commission

                            12.1. Unfair Trade Practices
                            12.2. The Federal Trade Commission

                            Final Assessment

                            • International Law

                              13.1. Introduction to International Law
                              13.2. Sources and Practice of International Law

                              Final Assessment

                              • Securities Regulation

                                14.1. Liability Under the Securities Act
                                14.2. The Framework of Securities Regulation

                                Final Assessment

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