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  • Exploring College

  • Exploring College - Final Assessment

    This is the final assessment for Exploring College. (Available when you subscribe.)

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      • Knowing Yourself as a Learner

        2.0 Introduction & Student Survey
        2.1 The Power to Learn
        2.2 The Motivated Learner
        2.3 It's All in the Mindset
        2.4 Learning Styles
        2.5 Personality Types and Learning
        2.6 Applying What You Know about Learning
        2.7 The Hidden Curriculum
        2.8 Module Roundup
        Final Assessment

        • Managing Your Time and Priorities

          3.0 Introduction & Student Survey
          3.1 The Benefits of Time Management
          3.2 Time Management in College
          3.3 Procrastination: The Enemy Within
          3.4 How to Manage Time
          3.5 Prioritization: Self-Management of What You Do and When You Do It
          3.6 Goal Setting and Motivation
          3.7 Enhanced Strategies for Time and Task Management
          3.8 Module Roundup
          Final Assessment

          • Planning Your Academic Pathways

            4.0 Introduction & Student Survey
            4.1 Defining Values and Setting Goals
            4.2 Planning Your Degree Path
            4.3 Making a Plan
            4.4 Managing Change and the Unexpected
            4.5 Module Roundup
            Final Assessment

            • Reading and Notetaking

              5.0 Introduction & Student Survey
              5.1 The Nature and Types of Reading
              5.2 Effective Reading Strategies
              5.3 Taking Notes
              5.4 Module Roundup
              Final Assessment

              • Studying, Memory, and Test Taking

                6.0 Introduction & Student Survey

                6.1 Memory
                6.2 Studying
                6.3 Test Taking
                6.4 Module Roundup
                Final Assessment

                • Thinking

                  7.0 Introduction & Student Survey
                  7.1 What Thinking Means
                  7.2 Creative Thinking
                  7.3 Analytical Thinking
                  7.4 Critical Thinking
                  7.5 Problem-Solving
                  7.6 Metacognition
                  7.7 Information Literacy
                  7.8 Module Roundup
                  Final Assessment

                  • Communicating

                    8.0 Introduction & Student Survey
                    8.1 An Overview of Communication
                    8.2 Purpose of Communication
                    8.3 Communication and Technology
                    8.4 The Context of Communication
                    8.5 Barriers to Effective Communication
                    8.6 Module Roundup
                    Final Assessment

                    • Understanding Civility and Cultural Competence

                      9.0 Introduction & Student Survey

                      9.1 What Is Diversity, and Why Is Everybody Talking About It?
                      9.2 Categories of Diversity
                      9.3 Navigating the Diversity Landscape
                      9.4 Inclusivity and Civility: What Role Can I Play?
                      9.5 Module Roundup
                      Final Assessment

                      • Understanding Financial Literacy

                        10.0 Introduction & Student Survey
                        10.1 Personal Financial Planning
                        10.2 Savings, Expenses, and Budgeting
                        10.3 Banking and Emergency Funds
                        10.4 Credit Cards and Other Debt
                        10.5 Education Debt: Paying for College
                        10.6 Defending against Attack: Securing Your Identity and Accounts
                        10.7 Module Roundup
                        Final Assessment

                        • Engaging in a Healthy Lifestyle

                          11.0 Introduction & Student Survey
                          11.1 Taking Care of Your Physical Health
                          11.2 Sleep
                          11.3 Taking Care of Your Emotional Health
                          11.4 Taking Care of Your Mental Health
                          11.5 Maintaining Healthy Relationships
                          11.6 Your Safety
                          11.7 Module Roundup
                          Final Assessment

                          • Planning for Your Future

                            12.0 Introduction & Student Survey
                            12.1 Why Worry about a Career While I'm in College?
                            12.2 Your Map to Success: The Career Planning Cycle
                            12.3 Module Roundup
                            Final Assessment

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