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Mac Safari/iPhone/iPad issues:
The Mac Safari browser was changed recently to automatically prevent cross-site tracking, which is required in order to use our lessons in your LMS. Tracking is necessary to collect grades to send to your LMS and to remember the point where students left off in their lesson, so that they don't need to start the lesson over if they leave before it's finished. If you or your students are seeing the BLENDING SPACE LOG IN PAGE, then the Safari browser may be blocking our content. 

This can be fixed by unchecking the Prevent cross-site tracking in Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking > Prevent cross-site tracking.

In older versions, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and Website Data > and check Always Allow.

Otherwise, we recommend that you use browsers that don't block LTI content, such as Chrome or Firefox.

No LMS? No problem! 
You and your students can still use the Blending Space. Contact us to learn more about our LMS Hosting Solutions.